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Healthy Company

Dream or reality?

A company thrives when the people in it thrive.

We help you make your dream a reality.


Healthy Company is a consulting firm that offers a range of corporate wellness solutions to help improve the health, well-being and morale of your employees.

Our services include live and online seminars and workshops, needs assessment, and tailored support. Our aim is to help you build a healthy company culture and environment, emphasizing prevention and proactive strategies.

We work with you to develop a customized plan that meets the unique needs of your workforce and helps you achieve your wellness goals.


Absenteeism has never been so high within companies as in the recent years.

77 percent of employees say they have experienced employee burnout at their current job.

Numerous surveys show that by investing in your employees' health and well-being, you can reduce healthcare costs, absenteeism and boost engagement and productivity.

Investing in corporate wellness and employee health and happiness saves your company money.

The return of investment is on average 3 times the amount spent.


In Healthy Company

we understand that a healthy body and spirit are the foundation of a successful life.

Our approach is rooted in extensive scientific research and many years of medical experience working with people.

We focus on empowering employees to make positive lifestyle changes.

Healthy employees are happy employees, and a healthy workforce is essential for the success of any organization.

Our workshops are tailored to address all aspects of well-being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

We provide practical tips, techniques, and strategies that your team can incorporate into their work and personal lives.

Healthy Company


At Healthy Company

we are passionate about helping companies and the people in it thrive.

Our services incorporate the expertise of Dr. Hilde De Smet, an experienced Belgian medical doctor, who has worked with thousands of patients and clients, both individually as in groups, to help them reclaim and take responsibility for their health and well-being.

We offer seminars and workshops for management and employees, both live and online, and educate companies on how to create a culture of health, vitality, and improved team work, by focusing on employee health, morale, and engagement.

Our personalized support, seminars and workshops offer valuable insights and strategies.


We know that every company has the potential to create

a healthy and happy work environment

and we are here to help you achieve that.


"In our Western world, we are so used to health care solving it for us ... , that Hilde's course offers a refreshing look at how you can set yourself on the path to better health, with small adjustments in your daily life.  
Packed with tips for a health-stimulating lifestyle.  I can get started on that right away!"




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