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Most of the seminars and workshops can be offered live or online

 in Dutch or English.

Reach out to us to ask for more information, to find out more details and pricing,

or to create a customized program or plan according to your needs.

Small adjustments can have a very large effect. 

"In archery, if you change the direction of your arrow 5 mm, your arrow will hit a completely different target. "

If you make small adjustments, the long-term outcomes will be completely different.

Accurate and comprehensible information and some practical tools can do wonders.

Even more wonders can be done by helping people find the inspiration and take the initiative to do something about their health or well-being.

Changing habits because someone else wants us to usually does not work, or is short-lived.

Motivation comes from outside; inspiration is generated from within.

 For inspiration, empowerment, finding the "why" rather than just the "how," and reversing limiting beliefs, are all essential.

Health and vitality

This seminar basically covers everything you need to know about health and vitality.

One of the biggest misconceptions is the belief that adjusting your diet is a punishment. That's always what we hear, isn't it? Watch your cholesterol, watch your weight, not too much sugar. All kinds of things are taken away from us.... But little given in their place.

However, with small adjustments, changing the proportions on your plate, introducing certain foods that give energy instead of taking it, choosing different fatty acids, etc. you can already achieve a lot.

But there is more: water, light, movement, breathing, bio-rhythms, intermittent living...

In this seminar we lay a lot of emphasis on overcoming limiting beliefs and finding inspiration to make changes.



2-day seminar

1-day seminar (condensed)


series of 7 online 2 hr lessons

series of 4 online 1.5 - 2 hr lessons (condensed)

Customized program

Strengthen your immune system

In 2022 the average working Belgian was absent through illness for 7.5 days. That figure is noticeably higher than in recent years. In 2022, 1 in 7 employees was sick for at least one day per month on average. 

Most short-term absences are related to illness from infection.

Our immune system was trained in our childhood, but even after that, there is much we can do to make it stronger.

Dietary supplements, herbs, lifestyle, exposure to immunogens, optimizing our gut flora.... 



1.5-hour workshop



1.5-hour workshop

Balancing your digestion

Many of us struggle with our digestion: bloating, acid reflux (heartburn), bowel movements that are too firm or too easy, poor sleep....

There is much we can do to optimize our digestion, to support our stomach, pancreas, liver and bile, and our intestines.


1.5-hour workshop


1.5-hour workshop

Back and neck problems

Back and neck problems are very common in our society. Usually, we learn to live with it, resort to (chronic) medication or visit a chiropractor on a regular basis.

However, even here we can often improve or even eliminate the problem ourselves.

Correct posture, alignment of the body through certain exercises we can easily do ourselves (Egoscue method), small lifestyle adjustments, anti-inflammatory food, supplements, and herbs.


3-hour workshop (preferred)


1.5-hour workshop (Online we can go into the exercises in much less detail)

To sleep: only for the lucky ones?

13% of the Belgian population aged over 15 regularly take a sleep aid.

Arriving at work unrested will inevitably reduce your employees' engagement and productivity.


In this workshop, we will cover lifestyle, non-addictive herbs and supplements, nutrition, retraining sleep brain waves (delta waves) and, above all, teaching how one can unwind him or herself before going to bed.


2.5-hour workshop


2.5-hour workshop

Energy management

Have you ever thought in the morning upon waking up, " I thought at this point in my life I would feel more energetic, more vital...?"

Many of us recognize ourselves in this.

Research shows that 77 per cent of employees say they have experienced employee burnout at their current job, with more than half citing more than one occurrence.

This seminar will look at our energy management. We look at the physical, emotional, mental as well as our sense of purpose.


Lifestyle, food that provides energy,

supplements and herbs, light, nature....


Where is it that we are suppressing our life energy? What is it that we don't want to face? How do we change our emotional state?


Learning to quiet our thoughts, reversing self-sabotage and unhelpful subconscious patterns, changing our blueprint, restoring balance between activity and rest


What gives us energy, what do we want to live for?

Live (preferred)

2-day seminar

1-day seminar (condensed)


series of 7 online 2 hr lessons

series of 4 online 1.5 - 2 hr lessons (condensed)

Coming to rest and mental focus

Many of us have the impression that life is living us instead of we living it. We are swept along by the emotions and thoughts of others, external pressure, the confusion and uncertainties of our current times.

If we close our eyes, do we find silence and resourcing, creativity and insights about the way to go? Or is it there a jumble of conflicting thoughts, wishes, fears, desires...?


If we cannot find peace in ourselves, give our mind a break every now and then, it is difficult to be creative, find rest and focus in our activities....

Learning to meditate is the answer.... And has a lot of health benefits.

Anyone can learn to meditate, it just takes some patience and practice,

and a method that suits you and can open this door for you....


Series of 7 1 hr lessons


Series of 7 online 1 hr lessons

Help, I think I'm depressed.

Depression does not just happen to us, but is usually linked to a gradual accumulation of factors, which eventually begin to temper our lust for life. Sometimes the triggers are not there anymore, but we no longer know how to get out of this conditioning. Medication can sometimes soothe us, but it is not the solution. 

Others are not "depressed", but still do not feel the joy of life they would like to feel.

This workshop will cover self-insight, how we ourselves can change and recondition our emotional state and blueprint, change our subconscious programming,

the effect of food, herbs and supplements, posture....


1- day seminar


series of 4 1.5 - 2 hr workshops

Most dreams don't come true?

Why is it that most of us have many big dreams as children, but as we get older, we gradually come to regard them as unrealistic?

Why is it that we have so many good intentions but rarely succeed in actually carrying them out?

What makes the difference between the few who truly fulfill their dreams, and the rest of humanity, who at some point conform to their current life situation?

In this seminar, we will look for answers and, above all, reach out for solutions.

If a few people manage to achieve their goals, so can others. With the right tools, the right vision, and the right motivation ...

- reversing subconscious sabotages

- focus and learning to clearly define goals

- how to find the right motivation and inspiration

- changing our emotional state and blueprints

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will guide your life and you will call it fate." -Carl Gustav Jung



1-day seminar



series of 4 1.5 - 2 hr workshops

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