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Hilde De Smet

Corporate wellness is no longer an unfamiliar term. Fortunately, more and more employers are discovering that their business can only thrive if their employees thrive, and are willing to invest in this.

However, we see few medical doctors offering this service. 

Unfortunately in medical training very little emphasis is laid on the importance of nutrition or lifestyle as a means to prevent and heal disease, as is laid out clearly in a  systematic review published by The Lancet.

Most doctors are aware that there is an interaction between body and mind, that a lot of pathology is stress related or has a breeding ground in an unhealthy home situation, an unbalanced relationship or stress at work. However, due to lack of time or insufficient knowledge on how to address these issues, most doctors limit themselves to treating only the physical symptoms; they tend to quickly turn to medication, for example for sleeping problems, which alleviates or masks the symptoms, but often does not solve the problem. 

Medical doctors who have both a solid medical foundation and the knowledge and skills to guide people in all their aspects (nutrition and lifestyle, emotional coping, mental balance, motivation....) are rare.

That is why most of the wellness programs are offered by people with often limited or no medical expertise. Usually, the focus is laid just on one aspect, e.g. exercise, yoga and meditation or healthy eating habits.

However, what distinguishes a medical doctor from a therapist or a fitness coach besides his or her thorough medical knowledge, is the responsibility he or she takes in guiding the patient or client. For a doctor there is no one else to fall back on if the progress or healing does not proceed as desired, and he or she takes full responsibility for this. A physician cannot resort to the advice "Maybe you should see a doctor".  His or her attitude and commitment is of another quality.

Hilde De Smet - De Zevende Dag

Assessing a situation correctly, making a responsible decision about the approach to be taken based on profound medical and psychological insight, and also considering the possible consequences, is something that not every corporate wellness service can offer.

That is why we believe that seminars or workshops offered by a  medical doctor are an absolute asset - in prevention - but even in actively reversing and healing certain pathology in your employees.

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