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Healthy Company

Healthy Company is a corporate wellness consultant firm founded by Dr. Hilde De Smet, based in Belgium.


We offer seminars, both live and online, focused on bringing health and well-being within companies.

We specialize in creating tailor-made programs that will improve the physical, emotional, and mental health, the motivation and productiveness of your employees,

which in turn will boost your company's overall performance.

Our mission is to make your employees healthier and happier, and your company more productive.

Hilde De Smet

Medical Doctor, Founder of Healthy Company

Hilde De Smet graduated as a medical doctor at the catholic university of Louvain (KUL) in Belgium.

After one year of specialization in anesthesiology, she started her education to become a general practitioner at the university of Ghent (RUG). 

​After her studies, she worked for 2 years for Project Farmaka in Ghent, a non-profit organization aimed at promoting evidence-based medicine and responsible use of medicines among general practitioners and healthcare providers.

Afterwards, she worked in her own solo practice with thousands of patients for 15 years.

During these years, while staying up to date with the latest scientific insights and approaches within medicine, she studied complementary views to health and disease like orthomolecular medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, herbal remedies and more.

She followed training courses in coaching and empowerment techniques, meditation, trance, and hypnosis.

Her emphasis and approach has always been to address the person in all his or her aspects. Health and vitality cannot be separated from a balanced emotional life, a focused mind and a feeling of greater connection and purpose in life. 

Education, empowerment, teaching people how to take responsibility for their own health, and providing helpful tools for this, have always been the central theme in her work.

In August 2019 she scaled down her private medical practice and she dedicated herself to giving courses for groups. Group dynamics and support within the members of a group can contribute a lot to people's engagement and willingness to address certain topics about their health and in their life in general.


Hilde De Smet is a mother of three boys: Alex, Lucas and Victor.

Dr. Hilde De Smet
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